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Christian Unity: Is It Possible?

While the issues dividing our modern society are new, division among believers is not. Thankfully, Scripture has a lot to say about division—and shows us the way forward into unity with one another. Read More

Adulting: Life as a Young Adult Christian

Join us for our free study “Adulting” in the Yarrow app as we study Scripture and discover how it points us in the right direction for navigating this odd and ever-changing portion of life that we call “adulting.” Read More

If Christians Are Blessed, Why Is Life So Hard?

If God has promised to bless His people, why does life feel so hard? Read More

Remembering God’s Presence This Christmas

The Christmas season brings many emotions. We’re excited to spend time with family and friends. We become stressed over social activities, finances, tight schedules, and… Read More

3 Ways to Trust God’s Timing in Any Season

Waiting is a part of the natural rhythm of life… but depending on what you’re waiting for, waiting seasons can seem to last a lifetime, can’t they? Read More