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What if your relationship with God blossomed in new ways? What if, instead of ignoring tough questions or stressing over them, you could open the Bible and know how to find the answers you’re looking for?

Yarrow helps guide you through the Bible so you can know what it says—and what it means for your actual life. Join our community of truth seekers, and let’s be rooted in Scripture and growing in Christ together.

Slow down and see what's possible.

With beautifully designed print books, it’s never been easier to connect God’s Word to your actual life. Join our community of truth seekers who want to study the truth of Scripture to grow closer to God.


A Study of Identity, Part One

Have you ever asked yourself, Who am I? It’s a question most people ask early on in life, but even as adults, our identity can feel elusive. Seasons in life change, and so do we. But no matter how the seasons in life change, your identity in Christ never does. In this study, we guide you through chapters in Genesis, Psalms, Job, and Ephesians. We’ll challenge you to apply God’s Word to your life through journaling prompts, mindfulness exercises, community, and more. Join us as we look to Scripture to better understand your spiritual identity!