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If Christians Are Blessed, Why Is Life So Hard?

Even if you only read the Bible for a short time, you’d soon realize there are definite benefits to being a member of God’s family. Besides the Bible, so many song lyrics, everyday sayings, and theologians also talk about how good life is when you know Jesus.

As Christians, we often hear of blessings and abundance, and while not all these song lyrics and quotes are 100 percent accurate, we can trust that the promises in Scripture are absolutely true. Nonetheless, with such a heavy emphasis on the positive aspects of the Christian life, our interpretation of what it means to be “blessed” can set us up to look at life through rose-colored glasses. If our focus is too narrow, we can quickly become blind to other promises in the Bible.

In Genesis, God pledged to bless Abraham and his family for future generations, and He continued to reassure His people of His favor throughout Scripture. Many of these promises still apply to us today! Yet maybe you’ve wondered, “If God has promised to bless His people, why does life feel so hard?” Where are all these blessings we keep hearing about when we’re suffering?

To answer real-life questions like these, it’s important to do a big-picture study of the Bible’s promises. While it’s true that we’re promised favor and grace, we’re also promised hardship. That might sound scary, but here’s the good news: we have a God who comforts and sustains us through all suffering. As we dig into Scripture, it becomes clear that blessings and suffering are not mutually exclusive.

So, how exactly does the Bible define blessing? What should we expect our lives to look like as believers? What promises are tied to suffering?

If you want to find the answers to questions like these and explore the relationship between blessings and suffering, we’ve got just the study for you!

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