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Lamentation: How to Grieve Well

Whether it’s a personal tragedy, heavy world events, or the disappointment of an unfulfilled hope, sorrow and grief are part of being human. But what does it look like to lament as a Christian?

We all know that difficulties, and the grief that comes with them, will come at one point or another in life. Within a matter of seconds, your life can go from perfectly routine to spinning out of control, shrouded with a darkness that seems impossible to overcome. It can feel surreal—how that phone call, that diagnosis, that visit, or that news report could be so heavy. Maybe it’s been a month of hearing distressing news on the television. Another war, another housing crisis, another shooting.

What is the appropriate response as a Christian in all of this?

Sorrow and grief can be overwhelming and crippling. But thankfully, the Bible provides us with a plan that is evident throughout many different passages of Scripture. From Lamentations to the Psalms to the book of Matthew, we see a common pattern of how we are to lament and grieve as a faithful response to the heartbreak that we experience.

For example, in Psalm 22:1, David cries out to God, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Centuries later, Jesus quoted this psalm in His grief on the cross (Matthew 27:46). When days are dark and heavy, and your logic is clouded with raw emotions, it can bring peace to have a plan that is laid out so clearly in Scripture.

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