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Discover the joy of community in our newest Bible study, Together: Union with Christ and Each Other.

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With beautifully designed print books or an app you can take on-the-go, it’s never been easier to connect God’s Word to your actual life.


Yarrow offers multiple series of study guides that take a deep dive in relevant topics.

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Yarrow offers an app with three subscription options to fit your study style-including a free daily study!

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What if you could open the Bible and know how to find the answers to your thought-provoking questions about Scripture and life? That’s where Yarrow comes in. Yarrow offers series of study guides that take a deep dive, each with their own unique theme to guide you through Scripture.

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Daily Growth Studies

Begin your day in the Word. These 5-minute guided, interactive readings are always fresh and relevant.

Planted Studies

Have you chatted with friends or read the headlines and thought-what does the Bible say about THAT? These multi-day studies help you look at what’s going on around you through a biblical lens.

Grounded Studies

Do you feel unequipped to make solid decisions as a Christian? These multi-week studies lead you through foundational issues of Christian living with guided Bible study, self-reflection, prayer, and conversation prompts.

Topics Include:

Identity | Unity | Truth | Adulting | Acceptance

So, how is Yarrow different?

Listen, we get it. There are a hundred different bible study apps and guides. But, here’s the thing: Yarrow invites you to explore your doubt, ask questions, and most importantly, grow closer to Jesus. Come join us – individually or with a group – as we seek answers by connecting the dots between the Bible and this messy, yet beautiful life.

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The Church Needs You—and You Need the Church Too

A Free Study Resource for You!

The Bible has a lot to say about our interconnectedness to our fellow believers. It paints a beautiful picture of a body whose parts are all working together, growing and thriving under one head—Christ! We’re not in this journey alone—the Church needs us, and we need the Church.

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