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Adulting: Life as a Young Adult Christian

When we reach adulthood, the real world can hit us like a ton of bricks. One minute you’re living with your parents, staying up late with your friends, playing your favorite sport or reading your favorite books. Life is rather stress-free. The only worry you have is what flavor ice cream you’re going to pull from the freezer for dessert after dinner. But then you move out of your parents’ house to get a degree or jump straight into the workforce.

Before you know it, you feel like you’re still 15, but you have all these responsibilities! Where was the class on filing taxes or navigating relationships? And why did we learn about biomes and calculus instead of 401(k)s and insurance? The further into adulthood we get, the more the plot thickens. Once we figure out taxes, we may be learning how to be a parent. Then, our own parents start to age and may need our help. As quickly as one thing is resolved, another set of difficulties arises.

The hardships of adulting can’t be brushed under the rug. Adulting can be confusing… it can be heavy…and it can break your heart. While there isn’t a “how-to” section in the Bible on how to do taxes or how to save for retirement, we do find practical wisdom to help us navigate adulthood and encourage us in the journey.

Join us for our free study “Adulting” in the Yarrow app as we study Scripture and discover how it points us in the right direction for navigating this odd and ever-changing portion of life that we call “adulting.”

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