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“In Christ”: The Bible’s Answer to the Question, Who Am I?

Who am I?

It’s a question everyone asks themselves at some point—yet it’s one that most of us probably struggle to answer. We have difficulty boiling down who we are to a few sentences while still expressing all our nuances and distinctives. “Who am I?” you’re probably thinking. “Well, how long have you got?”

Many of us spent our preteen years desperately trying to discover our identities. We pushed the limits with our clothes, tried out different friend groups, and explored various hobbies. When you’re young, figuring out your identity is an exciting process! Maybe you, like so many others, thought that as you grew older, you would figure it out. But maybe as you aged, you found that your identity actually became more elusive. We now know that changing our hair or trying a new sport won’t really affect our sense of self, but even after reaching adulthood, identity can feel like a question mark.

What is your identity?

Trying to discover your identity can feel like chasing after the wind. In many ways, identities change. Your job, your interests and passions, your roles within a family, even your personality and worldview evolve. All these details affect who you are, and yet all change with the seasons of life. This is good! We’re not stagnant beings. We grow and fail and learn. We marry and mourn and move to new cities. And as we do so, we change. But who we are goes deeper than just a simple, I’m a parent, or I’m an accountant, or I’m an enneagram 9.

It doesn’t help that we receive mixed messages every day. Many voices compete for influence over your life—social media, your family, the culture, and your community—and all have an opinion on the type of person you should be. But humans are flawed, which means when we define our identity by human-made parameters, we’ll have a flawed view of ourselves.

For example, you’ve probably taken one of the many personality tests out there. (Who hasn’t?) While they can be helpful and fun, they ultimately fall short in capturing who you truly are. And when we define our selfhood by transient things like our personality types, a political affiliation, or others’ opinions, we find ourselves discontent and lacking peace.

Here’s what the Bible says: Your spiritual identity is not your personality. It isn’t your job. Your identity isn’t based on your past mistakes or future hopes. While all these aspects contribute to who you are, they don’t get to the core of your identity as a believer. Your identity in Christ never changes, and the Bible has a lot to say about it. If you want to explore your Christian identity and who God says you are, you’re in the right place. For those who follow Jesus and believe the Bible is true and an authority for our lives, Scripture answers one of life’s biggest questions: Who am I?

How we answer this question impacts our lifestyle, our decisions, and our ability to face challenges. When you understand what the Bible says about your identity, you can step into the different seasons of life and all the changes they bring with confidence, comfort, and peace. Doesn’t that sound incredible?

Discover your identity in Christ!

Join us as we dive into passages in the Bible that talk about our identity. We don’t have all the answers, but we’ll guide you and help you dig deeper into Scripture. We’ll ask impactful questions and challenge you to apply what you’re learning to your actual life.

Have you ever asked yourself questions like these?

  • What is my identity in Christ?
  • How does sin affect my identity?
  • What does the Bible say about my identity?
  • How can I stay true to my identity as a Christian?

If so, you’re not alone. The good news is that while these questions may be difficult to process, they do have answers in the Bible. We hope you join us in our Identity Series to uncover who God says you are and how to grow in Christ in your everyday life.

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