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Finding Purpose in Your Everyday Work

“What is my purpose?”

All of us will probably find ourselves asking this important question at some point. And for good reason. We want our lives to make an impact during our time on this earth. But it can be hard to find purpose while sifting through mundane daily routines, a nine-to-five job, and endless lists of chores and to-dos. Where do we even begin?

What if your daily work—whatever that may look like—didn’t just have earthly significance but also had eternal impact? What if you have a purpose exactly where you are, including the boundless potential to glorify God with the gifts, talents, and responsibilities He has given you?

We learn from Scripture that our lives are meant to glorify the Lord (1 Corinthians 10:31). And work is an inevitable part of our lives. 

That means. . .God cares about our work! 

Whether you have a job you love or one you dread going to each day, whether you are self-employed or a stay-at-home parent, or whether you are a full-time student or searching for your next job. . . 

Whatever your current situation or your daily responsibilities, God wants to use you exactly where you are to impact the world around you for His eternal glory.  

In the garden of Eden, God called Adam to work and tend the land. This commission was given to humanity before the entrance of sin into the world. Although the Fall certainly affected our labor, work was always a part of God’s plan for us. Work is a good and gracious blessing from God that He intended for us to enjoy! However, it’s easy to treat it like an unfortunate consequence instead of the remarkable gift from God that it is. 

In God’s wisdom, He graciously invited Adam into partnership with Himself as His co-laborer. And regardless of your field of work, what you are studying in college, or the nature of your daily responsibilities, God is inviting you into this same partnership. He has uniquely created and gifted you for a purpose. With our eyes turned toward eternity and our hearts attuned to God, we can begin to walk in this truth and practice living faithfully through the work at our hands.  

Ready to discover your purpose?

You don’t have to wait until you have your dream job or the perfect life you hope for to find significance. You have a purpose today—right where you are. 

Dig into what scripture says about this topic with us in our study Purpose: Eternal Significance in Everyday Work, Part Two of our Faithful Living series. 

Together, we’ll dig into the story of Nehemiah, uncover God’s original plan for work and rest, and explore our callings and giftings to use them for God’s glory. 

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