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You Were Created for Community

Loneliness is epidemic. We are ever connected through our phones, yet still isolated. It may seem like an odd correlation, but one of the causes might be our search for identity.

So many voices in the world tell us that our identities must be discovered and lived out independently. We are supposed to look inward in search of who we are. The goal is to find some spark within ourselves, discover “our truth,” and not care how all this affects others.

Going this route might lead to some progress in one’s identity journey, but the result is a shallow sense of self and chronic independence—plus the loneliness that comes with it. You’ve heard the saying, “No man is an island.” There’s a lot of wisdom in this saying. Here are two reasons why:

You were made with an inherent need for connectedness.

Perhaps you’ve been seeking your identity in the world’s way, yet something is still missing. You thought your search would lead to feeling fulfilled, but instead, you’re lonely and lack meaningful purpose in life. The Bible can help you bridge the gap.

Scripture reveals that God is three in one: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He exists in community. And because we’re created in God’s image, He made us as communal beings as well—it’s etched into our souls. So, when we ignore how we are designed and do not engage in community and intentional relationships, we neglect a big part of our identity. We lose a part of ourselves. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you need other people.

We may understand our sense of self independently of others, but we can’t live it out this way. While relationships can be difficult and look different depending on our personalities and circumstances, God calls all of us, His image-bearers, to express our identity within the context of community.

Your identity is to be embodied.

It’s one thing to have head knowledge about the person God created you to be. It’s another to embody those characteristics every day—to manifest them in your heart and actions. To do this, we need other people. Why? Again, because no man is an island. In fact, Scripture gives us the image of a human body to describe our connectedness to others—we are parts of a larger whole, interrelated and dependent on one another. We’re called to live out our identity alongside others.

The Bible is where you can find a better understanding of your identity and instruct you on how to live it out. It’s not easy, but when we express our identity through community…

we find purpose,
we experience reconciliation and unity,
we play a part in making God known in this world,
and we gain peace from realizing that discovering our identity is a journey, not a destination.

So, let’s take our head knowledge and make it a reality in our lives—together.

In Rooted: A Study of Identity, Part Three, we’ll continue to guide you as you explore your identity in Christ. We’ll dive into Scripture to see how God created you for relationships and why your sense of self is incomplete without community.

Join us as we uncover from the Bible how to embody our identity in our hearts and actions, not just our minds. Continue your identity journey—order your copy of Rooted: A Study of Identity, Part Three today!

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