Together: Union with Christ and Each Other



You were not meant to journey through this life alone. God has given us the gift of one another—the gift of community. And as wonderful as this gift is, it comes with its share of challenges and questions. How do I find and foster community? How do we love and care for each other well? What happens when we inevitably hurt and disappoint each other?

God created us for community—a deep, intentional, authentic, and vulnerable community. You may presently have and cherish this kind of network. Or maybe you crave and pray for genuine fellowship. Or perhaps the very idea stirs up fear and anxiety in you. No matter where you are, you are welcome here, and this study is for you.

As Christians, we desire to grow as disciples of Jesus and people of love. And what better training ground than community? The goal of this Faithful Living study is to help us live faithfully in community with one another.

Join us for Part Three of our Faithful Living study as we discover what the Bible says about living faithfully with one another in our families, neighborhoods, and churches. Along the way, we’ll make connections to your day-to-day world and guide you to explore the life-giving experience and gift of community for yourself. Join us in this pursuit of Faithful Living through community.

How It Works

  • Yarrow studies adapt to fit your calendar and your life! Work through the Bible study guide by yourself or with a group of friends. 18 short chapters easily adapt to fit a 4-week or 6-week schedule.
  • Bonus audio and video resources included in every study. Just scan the QR code on the page for encouragement, teaching, and instruction content.
  • We’ll challenge you to apply God’s Word to your life through journaling prompts, scripture meditation exercises, community, and more. Join us as we look to Scripture to better understand your spiritual identity!